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Texas Motor Speedway - Laps for Charity, 05/27/2000
Written by Mike Napurano, NTCGP President

Well, what started out as a nice looking day, didn't end up that way for us.

We all got there by 4pm, and things looked great. After a while, the clouds off in the distance were very dark, and the wind started to pick up. All of a sudden, the winds shifted direction, got VERY strong, and it started to rain.

The organizers of the event got us into a parking garage before it really let loose. To say the least, I even got soaked under the parking garage when it started to come down!

After sitting around for another 1.5 hours, they finally came by and told us the event was cancelled. :(

Oh well.... till next time!

I added a few video clips from the day also...
DV Camera: 320x240 69meg AVI | 160x140 28meg AVI
Bumper Cam: Coming soon

Click on a picture to get a bigger view

We're here!
All the cars
All the cars
Here comes the storm!
Calming down a bit
Just a light drizzle
Under the garage
Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Motor Speedway
Stopped raining!
Might as well do a Pulley swap!

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