ClubGP - NTCGP Gathering

Sonic Car Show, Plano Texas, 04/04/98

Well... not a huge turn out, but it's a start. We definately want to see MORE of the North Texas guys at these events! Tonight's show representatives from NTCGP were Mike Napurano, Clint Satterwhite, Randy DeMeyer & Scott Oksanen. Thanks for showing guys! Chris Johnson also made an appearance later in the evening, and without the ol GTP... Bring it next time Chris!

Click on a picture to get a bigger view
Some of the cars at the show
Looking down our lane & Mike
Napurano's GTP

Back of Randy DeMeyer's GTP
with Sonic in the background

Mike & Randy's car with Clint,
Randy & Scott

Mike & Randy's car with Clint,
Randy & Scott

Getting Dark! Clint, Randy &
Mike's cars

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