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North Texas Dyno, 11/21/98

We gathered today to do a Dyno over at Area 51 Performance. Thanks to all that attended (including some non-Grand Prix'ers!). Attendee's included Mike Napurano, Deanne Knudson, Dave Ahner, Tim Gahagan (CTCGP), Kim Paulson (CTCGP) & Chad Forsyth. If I forgot you, please shoot me and email and let me know! Be sure and send me you dyno results also!

Dyno Results

Click on a picture to get a bigger view
A few of the cars out front
A few of the cars out front
Chad and his car on the dyno
Chads car and few watchers
A shot of the shop
Getting ready for Mike's Car
Mike N's car getting Dyno'ed
Mike from Area 51 doing a dyno
Tim (CTCGP Admin) getting dyno'ed
Deanne & Kim watching Kim get dyno'ed
Wes from Area 51 checking out
AutoTap and hooking up Dave A's car

Deanne and Tim watching
Deanne's car get hooked up

Deanne's car on the dyno
We're done!
Kim & Tim with their "beverage"

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