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"Brake Day", 05/23/1999
Written by Mike Napurano, NTCGP President

After a false start today (heavy rain in the morning) we finally got started on "Brake Day" about 1:30pm today.

We were doing the 12" Brake swap on 3 of our cars, and 2 others were doing the Blazertech fog light upgrade.

I had already done mine, as a prequel to todays fun. So today, Deanne K, Scott & Brenda O. and Dennis N. got their brakes done. Randy D and Rob B did their fog lights, with help from Johnny D.

It was pretty fun, and I certainly got very dirty from doing most of the brake work today (grin).

Click on a picture to get a bigger view
Brenda and I working
on their car (where's Scott?!)

Johnny and Rob
working on fog lights

Looks like Johnny
found Scott! (he was sick)

Is that Randy under
his car working?!

Brenda & Scott admiring
the new brakes

Dennis actually
got under his car!

Most all the brake jobs and fogs lights went smooth... until we got to the last brake job (sigh). Dennis' car had a stripped bolt on the drivers side, and removing the wheel broke one of the bolts. And then, on the passenger side his dust boot caliper bolt was stripped, which we noticed when we were removing it. Apparently, whoever did his brakes last really screwed up his car. Not only that, but they put both the pads with the wear indicators on one side, and both without on the other side (sigh). We finished the job, but he will be going to get those items fixed tomorrow!

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